Red Delicious Apple

Color: Skin  Bright red with a striped or spotted skin; Flesh – Creamy white

Shape: Conical or heart-shaped  

Taste: Mildly sweet and juicy

Gala Apple

Color: Skin – Light red with pinkish-orange stripes and bright yellow undertones; Flesh  white, cream or pale yellow

Shape: Conical

Taste: Mildly sweet


Fuji Apple

Color: Skin  Deep red with flushes of pink against a yellowish-green background; Flesh – Dull white

Shape: Conical

Taste: Sweet and juicy

Pink Lady Apple

Color: Skin – Pinkishred body with yellowish-green stripes; Flesh – Yellowish-white

Shape: Round

Taste: Sweet and tart

Granny Smith Apple

Color: Skin – Light green; Flesh – White

Shape:  Round

Taste:  Subtly sweet with tart and acidic flavor

Golden Delicious Apple

Color: Skin – Yellowish-greenFlesh – White, cream or pale yellow

Shape: Conical, oblong 

Taste: Sweet